About Us


The mission and goals of Pet Watch NJ are straightforward - to educate the public on the potential pitfalls of purchasing dogs or cats, and to promote the adoption of companion animals from reputable shelters and rescue groups.

We provide information and guidance to individuals and families who are seeking to purchase or adopt dogs and cats; and assistance to those who may have inadvertently purchased or adopted sick dogs or cats from questionable sources.

Pet Watch NJ researches and reports on
  • pet dealers who supply puppies to pet shops
  • breeders, puppy brokers and online pet sellers
  • dishonest or shady animal rescues
We provide information on pet sellers to enforcement agencies and officials, including:
  • Health departments
  • Animal control officers
  • Zoning officers
  • State and local SPCA investigators
We also help consumers with complaints against pet sellers by
  • Walking them through the complaint process
  • Directing them to proper enforcement agencies that have the authority and resources to prosecute violators