Rescue Guidelines

If you thought you found a legitimate rescue group, but ended up with a sick dog or puppy, please email us so we can direct you to the proper agencies that may be able to help. Or give us the name and we'll tell you if they're in our database of groups or individuals to avoid. Complaints against shady or fake rescuers or rescue groups - some of which are not NJ-based or even registered to do business here - are on the rise.

As adopters, you have a reasonable expectation of receiving a healthy dog or puppy from a rescue group. If you adopted a sick dog and the rescue is belligerent or uncooperative, or gives you some lame excuse that they don't guarantee the health (or temperament) of an animal because "they're a rescue", please report them to us.

Things to Watch Out For:
  • Cash only adoptions coupled with on-the-spot adoptions
  • Exorbitant adoption fees ($400 - $950)
  • Charging more for purebreds and puppies than mixes and older dogs
  • No health records or, if crossing state lines, no inter-state health certificates
  • No health guarantee for the animal, even for a 48-72 hour period
  • No contact info (names or phone numbers) listed on rescue websites or PetFinder pages
  • Delivers dogs to adopters in public places like parking lots, parks, and stores
  • Uses different names (aliases) to sell / adopt dogs
  • Uses different phone numbers (disposable cell phones) to avoid detection
  • Switches different towns and cities on a whim
  • Uses a New Jersey P.O. Box or business (like a UPS store, Tractor Supply or local feed store) for an address when they are actually located in another state